Maritas Denim

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11.blok No:3 34197 Bahçelievler/İstanbul/Türkiye


MARİTAŞ DENIM, was established in 2012 in Kahramanmaraş as an integrated yarn spinning and weaving mill. MARİTAŞ DENIM, who has the production capacity to produce 20 million meters annually, is Turkey’s progressively growing company in the textile sector. With its integrated establishment and RD department in Kahramanmaraş and sales-marketing offices in İstanbul, MARİTAŞ DENIM is a young and dynamic company supplying denim fabric to the leading apparel brands of the world.

MARİTAŞ DENIM, who has given a fresh breath to the sector and who has a comprehensive fabric collection (including innovative denim fabrics as well as basic ones) is manifesting respectful politics for environment and human health by adding the organic cotton fiber blends to its collection. With its globally accepted certifications such as BCI, OEKO TEX, ISO 9001, the company has certified its determination in this area.

MARİTAŞ DENIM, is employing 420 people in its establishment which has 30.000 m2 closed and 10.000 m2 open (totally 40.000 m2) area.

Vision & Mission

MARİTAŞ DENIM’s vision can be briefed in one sentence as: ‘To supply the denim fabric in correct quality, correct timing and correct costs to its global customers.’

Inspired from the saying “Not the strongest one, but the one who can adapt to the changes can survive.” MARİTAŞ DENIM’s vision is to be a leading and continuously improving company to meet the increasing demands of its customers and to have a deep respect in environment and human rights.

Social Responbilities

MARİTAŞ DENIM is providing a broad employment to the area, which do have a locomotive effect to the local economy and consequently this brings prosperity to the close dwelling units.


MARİTAŞ DENIM, is meticulously working with the environment engineers in its team to keep the energy and water consumptions at the minimum level and to have the best performance in its exhaust water treatment unit.

Additionally MARİTAŞ DENIM is paying high attention in using the eco-friendly textile materials during production and in raising environmental awareness in all the staff of the company.

Human Resources

MARİTAŞ DENIM, is well aware that, the basic unit which builds the company is the human; therefore it is the personal and professional quality of each member of the team, which is the main parameter of success in the business. By considering this fact, MARİTAŞ DENIM pays high attention in building the team with those who are expert in their areas, who believe the necessity of the teamwork and who have adopted the company’s ethical values by heart. Such people are always welcome to the company.