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Terra Denim


Terra Denim is our new product line where beautiful colors of nature meets with denim in a sustainable and effective way.

Natural dyeing has been our main interest all along but the major problems of older methods were: Limited resources, small-scale production capability, stability, shade consistency and color intenseness problems. Requirment of metal mordants in application which are hazardous substances on human health was another barrier until now.


This technology overcomes all those problems of its predecessors and ready to move the natural dyeing to the next step:

Eco-Friendly production with the high productivity of conventional, artifical dyeing systems.

  • Industrial scale production

  • High standarts of conventional systems.

  • Thanks to the special dyeing process;

  • Terra Denim has high strenght and color fastness.

  • Dye sources come directly from nature and its skin-friendly.

  • No metal mordants. Bio-resines and natural enzymes only.

Waste water can be recycled and used in agriculture.
OEKOTEX, GOTS, BCI, DATU & Kyoto University

We are feeling the escence of nature in every single cell, that's why, we've created Terra Denim


Sustainability should not be an obligation, it must be an attitude... We adopt it!